With everyone upgrading to iOS7 on their iPhones, a software update pushed out to the Apple TVs wen’t out without much fanfare.  This update, deemed 6.0 enables a few new features with the Apple TV.  iTunes Radio is brought to the living room via this update, and as with the iOS version if you have iTunes Match it will play without commercials.  Another great feature is the Conference room display, in the Settings under Airplay, you can select the Conference Room Display option.  From here you can provide a custom message to give to your users, by default it will inform your users to connect to the same wifi it is on (If it is hard wired it will only say “Connect to Wi-Fi Network).  The instructions will show up after your Apple TV goes into screensaver mode.  One last feature that I am loving is the ability to setup your Apple TV with your iOS 7 device, just by touching they together.  This only applies to the 3rd gen Apple TV with iPhone 4S or newer, 3rd gen iPad or newer, and iPod Touch with iOS7.  All you need to do it turn on Bluetooth on your iOS device, plug in your new Apple TV and then tap the top of the Apple TV with your iOS device.  It may take a moment to connect, then it will ask you to type in your AppleID and password to use with the Apple TV, and if you want to save the password for purchases, then it will automatically connect to the same Wi-Fi that your iOS device is on.  There are a few more features with the 6.0 update, if you want to find out more check out http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4448