I am new to Mac, what classes should I take?

The best, first class would be Support Essentials.  This course will cover the overall functionality of the current Mac Operating System and how to support it in a work environment.  This course is a pre-requisite for all other Mac IT courses that we offer.

Do you offer student loans or payment programs?

We do not offer any sort of a student loan program as we are not an accredited educational system.  We will accept a payment plan option, but only pre-payments are accepted.  If you know of a class you want to take a few months out, you can register and make payments prior to the start of class.  ALL registrations MUST be paid in full one week prior to attendance.

Is the certification exam included in course pricing?

No, it is not.  Not all of our attendees need or want to take the exam so it is not included in the cost of the class.  However, when registering for a class online, during the checkout process you will be given the option to add the exam to your purchase for $250.  If you do not add the exam at the time of registration, but want to purchase it later on, you can.

The only exception to this is for the ACMT certification course as its course syllabus includes time to take the necessary exams to become certified and everyone taking this class has a goal of becoming certified.

If I pre-purchase my exam, is it given at the end of class?

Typically, no.  It takes the entire time provided to completely go over the materials.  Even then, we highly recommend students to take an additional week or two to review the information covered in class as the exams are very difficult and tricky.  However, if you are traveling to attend training, and have to get your exam done while on your trip, please let your instructor know the first day of class so that they can plan ahead and try to make their best effort to proctor the exam for you, but there are not guarantees.  

The only exception to this is for the ACMT certification courses as its course syllabus includes time to take the coinciding exams during class.

If I pass my exam and get certified, how long before it expires?

Apple Certifications never expire; they become outdated.  Once you certify in an Operating System version, you will always be certified in that version.  Once the next OS is released, you will want to take the new exam for that version in order to stay current on new support techniques.

ACMT Certification does not expire either.  You receive what is considered a base certification, then as new hardware products are rolled you you take mini certification exams on the exact product you want to certify for.  So you don't have to certify on everything, just what you need.

Do you provide employment placing?

Unfortunately we do not assist in finding employment for our attendees.  This is due to the fact that the majority of our attendees are already employed and there is very little need for this service.

I want to learn how to fix Mac computers, do you offer that training?

Yes, we do.  It is under the Applecare training section and the certification title is Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT).  We offer an ACMT Certification Package that will prepare you for your exams.  However, you should be aware that more is required than just becoming certified.  To find out more, please view our short YouTube video on these details. 

Do you offer courses to be able to repair iPads and iPhones?

No, we do not.  Typically when an iPhone or iPad is damaged or needs repair the device is swapped out and your information is transferred. This service is performed at all Apple stores as well as other retail locations that are part of the iOS Direct Service Program. All actual repairs are done at Apple facilities.  However, you can apply to be a part of Apple's iOS Direct Service Program.   Follow the link to view the details and to begin the application process.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do.  We offer bulk registration discounts as well as Educational and Government discounts.  In order to receive these discounts please contact us at info@vdot2.com and we will be able to apply the appropriate discount.

I am an ACN member, is there a discount for that?

Yes, ACN members can receive up to 25% off the cost of courses and/or exams.  You must provide your ACN discount code, and we will have to verify your ACN membership is active.

What about Apple Employee discounts?

Apple employees receive a substantial discount of 40% on classes and exams.  You must email your appropriate Apple Employee discount code to us via your Apple email in order to receive your discount prior to registration.  Depending on your position & department you may have to ask your manager to obtain the discount code.  

I have a large group of people that need to be trained.  How do I go about setting that up?

In order to provide the best pricing options for group training, please contact us directly or email info@vdot2.com. 

Are the virtual training courses done "at your own pace"?

Unfortunately, no.  Our virtual courses are still leader-led and keep our typical course hours of 9am - 5pm PST.  This way you have a live instructor to answer questions and assist in exercises.