Why Ruckus?

Simply Better Wireless. It's their slogan, but it's completely true. Independent tests, our own experience and all the data says so. No need to replace your existing network and security infrastructure and with patented tech like BeamFlex, SmartMesh, Zero-IT and Dynamic-PSK to name a few, Ruckus Wireless is built to work, period.


Site Survey

No one can properly plan a WLAN installation without actually being on the ground, in the building(s) and in the basement. We'll be there, fancy tools to see interference, find unknown devices and perform spectrum analysis is only the beginning. Floor plans, power requirements, known throughput are all going into a document that we'll use to design a real solution for less money and time (unless your Fortune 100, then we'll quote double to match one of the over-priced solutions the other guys are trying to sell you. Just kidding.)


Ruckus SWAT


For us, this the fun part. It takes time to make a wireless network hum (ours though won't be annoying). Most of the design process happens behind the scenes at our offices. Once we have a plan in place, we'll come out with some pre-configured APs just to make sure we didn't miss anything, install them and let you have a go of it. We know you'll love the new wireless network, guaranteed.



This is the easy part. After a site survey and design, design, design.... When we plug it all it, it will just work. We promise. And we'll have you up in running in days*, not weeks or months. And we'll do it at a lower cost.

*Typical installation is less then 20 minutes per AP.


What? You guys are going to checkup on your install and make sure everything is working? Yeah, we're a little crazy about this kind of stuff. Sure it's easy to throw some gear on a network and see it work. But does it perform as we said it would? Are your expectations exceeded? We know it because we'll make sure of it.