Need to get a group of your team trained at once?  Let us come to you!


Need to get a group of your team trained at once?  Let us come to you!


We have found with some of our larger customers it is more convenient and cost effective to have one of our experienced Apple Certified Trainers to come onto location to deliver a course we offer.  This comes in handy when you have a medium to large group of employees that need to get trained, fast.

Minimum requirements for holding a class at your location:

  • A minimum of six (6) attendees; depending on the class.
  • A closed classroom environment equipped with internet access.

Mac computers (iMacs, MacBook (Pro), Mac Minis work great), one per attendee, that can be "wiped clean" for class. Some classes require additional equipment, please contact us for details. Optionally, equipment can be rented from us, if needed.

A couple of things to consider before requesting an onsite:

  • Can I afford to dedicate 6 of my team to a training class at one time?
  • Do we have the facilities and equipment to support a classroom environment?


Looking for Apple Certification Exams?

You've come to the right place.


Looking for Apple Certification Exams?

You've come to the right place.

What are the benefits of Apple Certification? 

Apple Certifications can help differentiate yourself and your business, as well as to build credibility with not only clients but also current or potential employers.  Your certifications can be publicized on Apple's website which will increase visibility and enhance your reputation in today's competitive marketplace.  Becoming Apple Certified will also give you the opportunity to display your personalized certificate and logo that distinguishes you as an Apple Certified professional.

How much do the exams cost?

Apple Digital Media/Pro Apps and all other Apple IT exams are $250. However; there are some package discounts which included price breaks on exam costs.  Please view our Certification Packages page to view what discounts are available.

What certification exams do you Proctor?

Apple IT Exams:

  • OS X Support Essentials 10.11
  • OS X Server Essentials 10.10 (Retires Sept 30th)
  • ACTC Recertification Exam (Retires Sept 30th)


AppleCare (Hardware) Exams:

  • Macintosh Service Certification
  • OS X 10.10 Troubleshooting


Apple Digital Media/Pro Apps Exams:

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Final Cut Pro X 10.2
  • Logic Pro X
  • Logic Pro X 10.1

How long do my IT certifications last?

The current IT certifications are based upon Mac OS X, and do not expire. They are designed to cover the life of that product. Once the new version of Mac OS X is released, then new versions of these certifications will be produced. This does not negate your certifications of previous versions of Mac OS X, just that as time goes on fewer users will be employing that version.

Do I have to take a class in order to take the test?

No, you do not.

However, taking the course provides one-on-one time with experienced instructors who can offer their expertise, and the opportunity to follow practical exercises with the subject matter specifically engineered to illustrate the points being tested upon in the exam questions.  There is also great benefit in the interaction with fellow peers during class.

How do I keep track of my certifications?

Log in to Your Certification Records. Additionally there is a Apple Certified Professionals Registry that is searchable by anyone.

Please ensure to always log in using the same AppleID, as often times certifications require two or more exams. Taking exams based off multiple TechIDs will not allow your certifications to build properly.