Xsan Is Dead

Apple has kept up with and continues to keep up with Xsan's big brother, StorNEXT. In fact, Xsan 3.0, which is the current version shipping fully licensed with Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) is completely compatible with StorNEXT 4.7 as a client or metadata controller (MDC). 

Xsan Is Buggy And Hard To Support

We like the word finiky, not buggy. We're not saying that software, in general, doesn't have any bugs, but we are saying that most perceptions of a "bug" are really the softwares unique quality and the influence a coder or developer has on how it works.

Xsan, and StorNEXT, both share this trait as well. Once you learn these little features you learn to work with them. It's with this in mind that we have create a one-day Xsan training. Really a brain-overload on how Xsan works, what is required and how to best troubleshoot problems. You can find more details  on our website at http://www.v2consulting.com/xsan

With 4TB Drives, Who Needs a SAN?

We have several SANs we support with in excess of 50TB and work with two other SANs with over 500TB of on-line storage. Further, using direct-attached storage, like a Thunderbolt drive, often provides that one computer with plenty of available storage. But how do I then share those projects with someone else on a different computer? Dropbox? How about AirDrop? We all know this isn't possible. Fibre Channel IS the answer, for now at least. With incredibly low latency, and nearly endless amounts of accessable storage, we can do more with a SAN in one day then you can do with Thunderbolt in 2 days.

The Future

Apple will continue to support Xsan and StorNEXT. With the release of Mavericks, Xsan will incorporate additional features found in StorNEXT 4.7.x

Storage solutions will start to move from spinning disks to solid state this further taking advantage of the massive bandwidth available from both Fibre Channel and Thunderbolt solutions

Tape storage will be come even faster. As the most cost affective solution for backing up and archiving 100's to 1000's of terabytes of data, Fibre Channel attached DLT and Archiware P5 is best solution for anyone with an Xsan deployment